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Sharper Vision Smarter Robot

100° Visual Angle+ Gyroscope Navigation

2300Pa Powerful Suction Technology
Auto-Suction Switch Between Floor & Carpet
Intelligent Electric Control System for Water Tank

Sweeping While Detecting
Intelligent Inertial Navigation + Visual Navigation

High-precision gyroscope built inside for arched sweeping mode, in addition
with the 100 degree visual scanning, make the sweeping more efficient
and neglect no corners of hygiene in your room.

100 Degree Visual Scanning
Sharper Vision, Smarter Robot

Additional 100 degree visual scanning based on the traditional gyroscopic navigation. More precise
scanning and detecting for your room layout and more efficient planned cleaning path will
double your cleaning efficiency compared with the traditional ones on the market.

2300Pa Powerful Suction
Making a Clean Sweep of All Sorts of Ground Dirt

Powerful suction is the key point of making a clean sweep, brush-less motor manufactured
Japanese brand will bring constant suction with mighty strength, sweeping out
the dirt and dust in crevices in an instant startup.

3 Gears for Suction
Switch Free to Fulfil Family Cleaning Needs

3 preset suction gears for specific rooms and dirt, sizing from steel
shot, soybean to fluff and hair, easy-peasy !

Intelligent Recognition
Switch Suction between Floor and Carpet

Installed with intelligent infrared sensing system, recognize the ground texture
to switch the suction accordingly. Free your hands for real !

Robot Vacuum Cleaner that Stands Against “Darkness”

Considering the narrow limitation of gyroscopic cleaner that can’t function normally on black
carpet and floor, P3 has been equipped with advanced intelligent visual scanning system
to get over with this tricky problem. Yes, the night is dark and full of terrors, but
our P3 can just confront darkness with no fears !

Intelligent Electric 3 Gears Watering Control
Just to Protect Your Floor and Tiles Conditions

A 240ml electrical control water tank with 3 gears adjustment built inside to make the watering
effectually and evenly without leaking while mopping, P3 cares
about the conditions of your floor and tiles.

Maglev Suction Port with High Density Brush
Take All Kinds of Ground Texture and Dirt in Stride

Mega maglev suction port can mesh together with all kinds of ground texture tightly, with the high
density brush it carries, vacuuming with more power and mopping more thoroughly.

Water Tank and Dust Bin
Can be Separated or Combined

Your cleaner will come along with a 580ML separate dust bin and a 2-in-1 water and suction
tank to meet different cleaning duties. Easy as it is for your cleaning experience.

21mm Obstacles Surmounting

Doorsill, slideway or carpet, cross it easily anywhere and anyhow.

110Min Ultra Endurance Makes Big Unit A Small Dish.

2600MAh battery supports self cleaning for 110 minutes and cleaning up to 120 m², easy application !

Voice Control Through Alexa and Google Assistant
Launch Your P3 Only in One Word As It’s Just Smart

More to Discover

7.5CM Slim Body

Makes it a easy run in your home

Auto Recharging with Memory

Before P3 is at low battery and go recharging, it will remember
where it stops and continue the cleaning
after the recharging is finished

Washable Filters

Hold up the small dust to 0.3um to refresh your space

OTA Online Update

More functions to be continued

Data Information

Product name: PREMBOT P3 Input voltage: 100Vac - 240Vac
Product model: P3 Incoming electric current: 0.5Amax
Wireless connections: Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Output voltage: 19V
Rated frequency: 50-60Hz Output current: 0.6A
Working time: 110min Charging holder Model: P3
Rated power: 12W Rated output voltage: 19V
Battery capacity: Rated 2600mAh Rated output current: 0.6A

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