Smart Laser Navigation and Mapping

More Intelligent - Laser Navigation

A latest LDS Laser Scanning System and the Multi-Levels Calibration Target Location Subsection Fitting Algorithm allows me to scan the space’s layout much quickly, precisely, ensuring a longer range, a quicker and larger mapping ability as well as a higher sensibility to avoid obstacles.

More efficient - Cleaning on demand

More powerful, Super suction

The 3100Pa suction power and a large-diameter suspension suction port make it easy to clear up all-sized dust; the 680ml tank contains three-weeks’ dust, solving the trouble of frequent replacement.

longer endurance

3200mah higher-performance and better life battery; cleaning space reaches to
180㎡/per time, satisfying the needs of big house.

Easier for use 

Integrated Design of 2 in 1 dust box & water tan
Equipped with one independent dust tank in 680ml as well as a two in one tank, 
satisfying the need of sweeping and mopping, greatly improving the
efficiency of cleaning.

More intelligent – voice control
doing everything based on your faver

Alexa, Google Home voice linkage are supported; the new-added cleaning password
towards specific areas makes robot’s control a piece of cake to achieve.

More unique - Unique design
Embracing all the challenges you’ve concerned

*Movable roller brush: Automatic adjustment in its roller brush’s height under different ground condition, ensuring a thorough cleaning work of your house.
*Carpet pressurization cleaning: More powerful suction will be adjusted automatically on the carpet, clearing all the hidden dust on it.
*Black carpet accessibility: Accessible under dark condition, making it more outstanding and more efficient than other’s robots.
*21mm Obstacle crossing height:4-5mm higher obstacles than the average height can be surmounted, making it more comprehensive in more conditions

Data Information

Product name: PREMBOT P3 Input voltage: 100Vac - 240Vac
Product model: P3 Incoming electric current: 0.5Amax
Wireless connections: Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Output voltage: 19V
Rated frequency: 50-60Hz Output current: 0.6A
Working time: 110min Charging holder Model: P3
Rated power: 12W Rated output voltage: 19V
Battery capacity: Rated 2600mAh Rated output current: 0.6A

Package List